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We offer a Layaway Program for 30, 60, 90, 120 days options.

Layaway required $109 down payment once payment is received we will send you payment plan for your Layaway once paid we will then ship your order accordingly.

Invoice Me option we can send you Invoice via Zellepay must have valid email address just email or text us with your Layaway info or send the products info you like to put on Layaway pay your $109 and will do the rest. 

or Use Cash App send $109 to $rockymtoutlet

Attention! You can choose 30, 60, 90, 120 day’s Layaway customer, buyer We will invoice you via Zellepay Total Price of Merchandise divided by {x} weeks plus Non Refundable $10 Layaway Fee a Valid email is required for this option.

This is a legal and binding contract so please read all of the conditions before accepting this contract.

1. We offer affordable Layaway Fee of $10 non refundable down payment to start the process all you have to do is place your order & Email us your order and pay your down payment of $10 and we will take care of the rest.

2. Upon Layaway agreement we will create a custom Invoice and bill you monthly basically total invoice divided by terms selected example 30 days will be Total Price divided by 4 weeks of payments and will be scheduled every Monday on the following week from the date you signed up.

3. A payment plan will be set up for you for monthly payments depending on your total order but you may pay more than that and as often if desired.

4. A down payment of $250 applies to Luxury items only over $399 is required to start and when you make this down payment, you have accepted this contract, and it is binding. (Revised October 7, 2020)

Down Payment Special $99 only.

5. Upon receipt of your down payment, the item will be pulled and put on hold in our Layaway Que with your information on it, Luxury items Layaway is FINAL and NO REFUND.

6. Upon receipt of your monthly payment we will update your balance due and send you notification by e-mail, you can also send us your payment via mail, over the phone, Zellepay Invoice, Zellepay.

7. It is your responsibility to keep me informed of your address and email.

8. Upon the completion of the final payment and when no balance is due, we will ship the item(s) you ordered will email you a tracking so that you can track your order.

9. IMPORTANT! If you default in payments and we do not receive 3 consecutive payments when due, we reserve the right to keep the payments previously paid and return the item to stock for sale to other buyers. If you are having difficulty making payments, please contact us to make payment arrangement.

10. We will guarantee that your orders will be in stock for the months you have your Layaway until it's paid as long as your prompt with your payment or do not default.

We offer 100% replacement for damage or defective item within 30 day & all sales are FINAL

For more info:

(719) 360-9910


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