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My Passion for Jewelry

Rocky Mt Outlet Inc

My passion for jewelry started when I was 16 years old my late grandma Constantina takes me to this town bazaar every Tuesday’s or Friday of the week and I’ve always look forward to going shopping because, I got to see sparkling ✨, exquisite, and beautiful jewelry pieces that are hand crafted, fashion, .925 Sterling Silver, 24K Gold etc. I’m always about fashion even though, I know Gold is very expensive but, when I got introduced to .925 Sterling Silver I’ve always Loved them not only they last longer, it’s affordable and their the only type of jewelry metal that I’m not allergic with that’s why I figure why not turn my passion of jewelry into a business venture that is why I worked hard to find those unique, gorgeous but, affordable jewelry styles to share to my customers.

Moreover, it’s the way I express myself, my mood, my style, my passion and my love 😍 for jewelry.
I believe “Beauty” lies within you and it’s how I express myself and it’s why I ❤️ wearing jewelry. It’s how I’m mindful of my image, life’s beauty, beauty itself and it’s how I present myself and show how I feel. I still remember growing up my grandma told me “Beauty is Useless Character is The Best” but, I think they actually go hand and hand You can be beautiful and have a good character to that’s why having a positive attitude despite of all the trials, hardships, obstacles is all worth it because that’s how you learn and get stronger. After all we’re all fighting our battles with the same Demons. I believe that if I “Stand Firm & Weather My Storm” everything is going to be all right that’s why I always manifest a life full of love, peace and harmony and not doubt myself but, believe in self-value and balance family, work, personal goal as well as my entrepreneurship in order to fulfill my greatest dreams.

Don’t let anyone steal your dreams…


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