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How to spot Authentic .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

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In today’s booming online jewelry retailers, wholesalers etc. it’s always best to recognized the true value and Authenticity of a high quality .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry when your shopping make sure you choose the best crafted designs by artisans that can give you glitz and glam and a master piece that is designed to last for a lifetime.

Moreover, Authentic.925 Sterling Silver Jewelry pieces have S925, 925 or .925 stamped on the jewelry as well as, can be mistaken from White Gold on a  side by side comparison. Sterling silver is a valuable precious metal that’s why it’s worth collecting and designed to last a lifetime when you take good care of them.

There are also "electro plated nickel silver." jewelry This is not real silver but rather a nickel substitute made to look like silver. Authentic .925 Sterling Silver also often coated with Rhodium and it’s normal cause Rhodium gives your .925 Sterling Silver jewelry that sparkling shine.

Additionally, .925 Sterling Silver jewelry can be soft and easy to bend. High-quality silver jewelry has to have an alloy mixed in for greater durability. The best silver jewelry will be mostly silver with a tiny element of something stronger built in, such as copper.

.925 Sterling Silver can also be tested by using a strong magnet to see if the jewelry you bought is magnetic. Silver is not a magnetic metal, so anything that does latch onto the magnet is likely to be nickel or another metal hope these information helps you with all your .925 Sterling Silver jewelry shopping needs.



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